The Stellar Earth Method®

Welcome to the sacred space of the Divine Feminine!

Lisa Jane Halliday

Co-Creator & Founder of The Stellar Earth Method

Sara Jane Carnie

Co-Creator & Co-Founder of The Stellar Earth Method

The Stellar Earth Method® is a new concept channelled from a Higher Consciousness to enable the Divine Feminine to be rebirthed by healing your inner wounds/womb of the Feminine, Ancestral Lineage and the Female Archetypes.

The Divine Feminine knowledge and wisdom is within all females and can be reignited through The Stellar Earth Method®.

We help women to awaken their Divine Feminine wisdom that lives within them... Remembering that the sacred feminine energy is in each of us, it is your essence and your source.

Through your femininity, your inner wisdom follows all its movements: Energetically, Emotionally and Intuitively.

We believe none of us are here by coincidence, but the very fact that you are here on the earth - Your Gifts, Your Strengths, Your Talents are encoded within you for a reason...

Our Mission:

Our mission is to support, inspire and enrich women's lives and to empower them to reach their full potential with their health and wellbeing, wealth and success and living their divine purpose...

Our Vision is to:

  • EMPOWER women to awaken and tap into their own powerful intuition

  • ENCOURAGE women to have a voice and stand in their divine feminine power

  • ENABLE women to find their inner confidence and feel safe to heal themselves and others traumas and inner wounds with ease

  • ENAGE with women around the world, to build, to connect and grow a community for women to evolve and blossom on all levels

It's time to work with Sara and Lisa if you are searching for more profound healings and instant results:

You're looking for ways to reduce your stress and improve your overall wellbeing

You're struggling to love and accept every part of yourself including your intuitive nature

You want to explore spiritual self care and utilise the mind-body-soul healing

You crave more clarity, insight and purpose

You want to ignite your passion, confidence and vitality

You want a happier and healthier version of you or with others

You are looking for a quicker, a more profound way to get amazing results for yourself or with others

The Stellar Earth Method will help you....

To align to your feminine power

To acknowledge and be proud of yourself and your sacred energy

To honour, to create, to vibrate with your immense beauty

To accept your divine and eternal essence, like a powerful and serene goddess that your ARE...

If you want to experience a TRANSFORMATIONAL 1:1 healing session and guidance, then we invite you to

click the button below and connect with us for a FREE 15min Discovery Call or schedule a session

We warmly invite you to The Stellar Earth Method® Facebook Group and the monthly meet-up within the group. This is a sacred space to connect, to nourish the soul, share wisdom with likeminded women and grow....

You also have the opportunity to meet up every month in a group setting to experience the incredible and profound modality that is The Stellar Earth Method® in the monthly VIP section to receive a group healing and discover how we can best support you in working with ourselves on a 1 to 1.

The Stellar Earth Method®


This is for all women who are READY to unleash, activate, expand further into their Divine Femininity.

You will discover and learn in this 2 x 60 minute Masterclass:

True Self Love of the female body

How to harness your Sexual Power and Spiritual Energy

Deeper Self Healing by connecting to the sacred womb space

Boost your Self Confidence and your trust within your own creative Feminine Wisdom

Practice a part of the Ancestral Female Ceremonial and Rituals for Womanhood

The Masterclass will take place via zoom in 'The Stellar Earth Method' Facebook Group

Date: TBC

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join us live!

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